Gitanjali Adlakha-Hutcheon / Manager / Defence Research and Development Canada - Centre for Security Science (Canada)


Is Invoking "Fate" strategic?

Markus Peltola / Researcher / Finnish National Defence University (Finland)


Towards Integrated Strategic Assessment? Experiences and Challenges

Mehmet Kinaci / Strategic Analyst / NATO Allied Command Transformation (USA)


Post-COVID 19 Global Security Ladscape

Zoltan Jobbagy / Vice-dean for Academic and International Affairs / University of Public Service (Hungary)


Contemporary Conflicts and Operational Art

Suzanne Loftus / Professor / George C. Marshall European Centre for Security Studies (Germany)


(topic will be announced soon)

(The List of Keynote Speakers is Subject to Change)

main organizer:

Jan Bren (

The conference is organized by Centre for Security and the Military Strategic Studies, University

of Defence (CZE) under the auspices of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces.